5 High-Quality Outerwear Brands to Keep an Eye On This Season

With winter firmly upon us, the time to invest in some well-crafted outerwear is now.high-quality outerwear But, because quality translates into durability and warmth, the price tag of a high-performing coat doesn't come cheap. The difference between an affordable cotton jacket and a technical piece that will outlast countless cold fronts can be as much as $500.

But fortunately, there's a number of labels that offer upscale techwear at accessible prices.high-quality outerwear Here are some to keep an eye on this season.

Founded by a former Issey Miyaki designer, Keita Ikeuchi and partner Mihoko Mori launched Tokyo-based And Wander in 2011.high-quality outerwear Their parkas are meticulously crafted with high-performance fabrics and a sleek aesthetic that's been making waves among outdoor enthusiasts and the fashion set.

While they might not have the branding or hype of other high-end brands, their designs speak for themselves.high-quality outerwear From a military-grade waterproof shell to a shearling trench coat, their collection of cult pieces is the perfect blend of comfort and style. Their jackets have been spotted on Cardi B and Kendall Jenner, and are the go-to for anyone who wants to brave the elements in style.

Originally founded as a tent maker, Patagonia is one of the most recognizable brands in outdoor gear.high-quality outerwear The husband-and-wife power couple behind the brand envisioned it as a way to help people "explore responsibly and enjoy the outdoors." They have since grown into an industry leader with an iconic logo and a mission to combat climate change and protect undeveloped land.

Aside from sourcing all their fabrics ethically, Patagonia also leads the way in terms of innovation. Their new V Series Raw Anorak, for example, is the first ever to use Vectran fabric - which is five times stronger than steel and used to make space suits and deep-sea cabling - for a waterproof hardshell.

For more than 140 years, Norway's premier outdoor brand has been producing gear for frozen conditions - whether on ski-hill moguls or America's Cup yacht runs. Their technical clothing and accessories are impeccably crafted, and they're the most sought-after jackets for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

While Jack Wolfskin is to ACRONYM what Audi is to Porsche, the German label's attention to detail and focus on sustainability set it apart from its competitors. Their modular approach to jackets allows users to add or remove components based on weather conditions. Their clean lines and bold colorways are a welcome departure from the more basic offerings of many other brands.

While it may be trendy now to create with sustainability in mind, Budapest-based brand Nanushka was doing it long before it became cool. Their collections are crafted with repurposed deadstock fabric, recycled materials and alternative leathers, and the result is high-quality outerwear that will last for years to come. This season, Nanushka has taken classic styles like wrap jackets and shearling coats and reimagined them through rich colorways and standout details. Their jackets are a must for everyone who loves the great outdoors and the great indoors.

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