Buying a Parka

A parka is a long coat that is insulated and usually comes with a fur-lined hood. It's designed to keep you warm and cozy while also looking good. There are a number of different styles, fabrics and fits available so that you can find the perfect parka for your needs. Take your time selecting one that fits your personality and style. You'll be glad you did.

Historically, parkas were designed for cold weather and climates and were made with animal skins like seal or caribou. However, in the modern era, high quality fabrics and materials make it possible to create extremely durable and warm parkas that don't require animal skins.

The most popular parka style these days is the down parka, which takes its styling cues from the original Inuit designs and features a fur-lined hood. Some models are shorter and extend to the waist, while others are longer and run all the way down to the thighs or knees. Regardless of the style, all down parkas should be rated for warmth, wind and water resistance. The caliber of the fabrics, insulation, zippers and other components used in a premium parka will significantly affect its performance and durability.

When shopping for a down parka, it's important to understand what distinguishes a high-end model from its cheaper competitors. The amount of down, the fill power and the outer shell fabric will all have a dramatic impact on a jacket's warmth, weight, compressibility, airflow, durability and water resistance. If you're planning to use your parka for outdoor activities and expeditions, it's best to select a jacket with the highest fill power number possible. The higher the fill power, the more insulative it will be per ounce.

While there are many types of winter parkas on the market, a high-quality down parka is a great choice for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. It's especially suited to mountain activities and hikes. It can be worn over a breathable and warm base layer, which will help to prevent heat loss and chafing.

For those who live an urban lifestyle, a lightweight parka will offer warmth without adding too much bulk to your outfit. It's also a great choice for skiing and snowboarding, as it will protect you from the elements without restricting movement on the slopes. For those who want to make a fashion statement, a designer parka with fur hood trim is the way to go.

The word parka is derived from the Nenets language, which is spoken by the people living in Northern west Russia and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. The term means “animal skin” in Nenets, and originally referred to the garments the Nenets created using caribou and seal fur. Today, the word parka refers to any type of insulated jacket that features a fur-lined hood. The most common types of insulated jackets include the bomber, down and quilted styles. In general, these jackets are made of water-resistant fabrics and stuffed with either down or synthetic fiber.


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