Curly Fleece For Your Australian Labradoodle

Using this soft, pleasantly curly fleece fabric, you can sew up cuddly creations including cozy blankets and plush toys.curlyfleece It’s ideal for snuggle worthy pillows and accents, as well.curlyfleece This white colored fleece fabric features a lovely texture that makes it easy to work with, so you can create a unique and charming project. Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, No Detergent; Gentle Cycle or Fluff; Low Heat; Do Not Bleach.

Allergy Friendly Fleece, Wavy Fleece and Wool Coats

There are three types of Australian Labradoodle coats; Hair (which sheds), Fleece and Wool.curlyfleece The ideal Fleece coat has a very light textured feel, similar to that of an Angora goat, and can be straight with rippling waves or soft spiraling curls.curlyfleece The Wool coat has a more dense texture and looks like lamb’s wool, with a definite 'coil' look. Both the Fleece and Wool coats are allergy friendly, with the Fleece having a higher rate of success than the hairy coat.

When choosing a puppy with a fleece coat, it is important to understand the difference between the various types of coats and the level of maintenance required.curlyfleece A wavy fleece dog will be the easiest to groom, with the curls naturally flowing and flowing.curlyfleece A straight fleece coat, however, will not curl and can be prone to matting. As such, a straight dog will require more time and effort to keep it looking its best.

Fleece coats also shed less than the other two types, but they will still need to be brushed/combed on a weekly basis and trimmed about once or twice per year.curlyfleece The Wool coat, on the other hand, will shed minimally but requires trimming about four times a year.curlyfleece

It can be difficult to predict what type of coat your doodle will have as an adult because the genetics are not always consistent.curlyfleece For instance, some doodles appear wavy as puppies but end up with a straight fleece coat as adults.curlyfleece This can be attributed to hormone changes during the puppy transition period and is why it’s important to have your doodle DNA tested.


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