How to Pick the Best Down Jacket White

Down jackets are a cold-weather staple for any outdoor lover.down jacket white Whether you’re heading out on a quick hike with your dog, snowshoeing in your favorite trailhead, or skiing at the resort, a good down jacket is a must-have. A dependable down jacket is especially crucial for winter camping, backcountry adventures like backpacking, or alpine climbing and backcountry skiing.

The best down jackets are lightweight, warm, and versatile enough to suit your outdoor needs.down jacket white The jackets on our list are all designed for cold-weather activities, but each one has unique specialties and features that make it a great choice for different situations. From a parka-style silhouette to a reversible design, we’ve got a down jacket for any outdoor adventurer.

When shopping for a down jacket, it’s important to consider the jacket’s warmth, weather resistance, and size.down jacket white While many brands focus on advertising the fill power of their products, it’s equally important to check out the fill weight as well. The higher the fill power, the warmer the product will be. However, fluffiness plays a role in warmth as well, so be sure to check out the jacket’s Clo value and the way the down is distributed (sewn through or box baffles).

In addition to the fill power of a down jacket, you’ll want to look for a durable shell material and lining that will keep the wind and rain at bay.down jacket white Typically, down jackets have either polyester or nylon outer shells, which are treated with water-resistant finishes or DWR to help block moisture. Some jackets also have a layer of water-resistant membrane to add additional protection in harsher conditions.

Some of our top picks also feature ethically sourced Advanced Global Traceable down, so you can track where your jacket’s down feathers originated.down jacket white You can do so by entering the lot number from your jacket’s hang tag into the ISPO online platform, which will reveal information such as the country of origin, supplier, and farms where the down was raised.

Aside from waterproof down jackets, there are some with a degree of water resistance that may work for light winter rainstorms. These jackets, like the Rab Valiance Waterproof Down Jacket, use a PFC-free waterproofing treatment on their down and face fabric to help block water from seeping in.

If you’re looking for a down jacket that can withstand more intense cold, be sure to check out our insulated parkas buyer’s guide for options with extra insulation and beefier silhouettes. Also, if you’re planning to venture into backcountry snow and ice, our backcountry down jackets buyer’s guide will have options with higher bulk, a more substantial weight, and a longer back length for a proportional fit. You can also find women’s parka-style down jackets on our winter coats buyer’s guide, as well as silhouettes geared for more casual outdoor activities.


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