The Baselayer - The Most Important Layer in Your Layering System

The baselayer is arguably the most important layer in your clothing layering system, whether you’re hiking in an alpine forest or snowboarding on a snowy mountain.baselayer It’s the first layer that sits next to your skin and is made up of a combination of materials like merino wool and lightweight synthetics that are both thermal and moisture-managing. They are designed to fit tightly and be worn akin to a second skin without being too tight so that they can absorb sweat and vaporize it quickly for that Goldilocks effect of neither too hot, nor too cold. They also prevent chafing and blisters during physical activity.

At icebreaker, we’re proud to design our base layers for optimal natural performance so you can explore and conquer the elements like the formidable merino sheep that inspire us.baselayer We’ve created our entire range of bases in different fabrics and fits to match the needs of your outdoor adventures. Our Oasis collection of baselayers are designed for everyday wear and are incredibly soft, comfortable and stretch with your body as you move. Our ZoneKnit baselayers are engineered with Body Mapping technology to regulate temperature and allow your skin to breathe during high-intensity activities. Then there’s our Core collection of mid and outer layers, which work together to ensure you can be prepared for any outdoor adventure.

So what is a base layer and how do they differ from other types of clothing? Baselayers are a fundamental component in any outdoor outfit, enabling you to get the most out of your explorations.baselayer They are the first layer that comes into contact with your skin, and must be comfortable and breathable to effectively wick sweat away from the body and vaporize it, keeping you dry and allowing you to perform at your best.

Depending on the conditions, your base layer may need to provide warmth or cooling and can be made up of either natural fibres like merino wool or synthetic fabrics such as polyester and polypropylene.baselayer The difference between a merino and synthetic base layer is that merino wicks sweat better, dries faster and feels more luxurious against the skin than synthetics. Synthetics, on the other hand, are much cheaper to produce and feel very similar to merino in terms of performance but can cause odors when you sweat heavily so they’ll need to be washed frequently.

Both have their benefits and it really just depends on your preference.baselayer If you’re planning on hiking in the summer, a merino wool blend will be very effective at managing your sweat and vaporizing it to keep you dry and comfortable. However, if you’re going to be hiking in the snow, you’ll need a thicker base layer that provides insulation and is able to retain body heat. This would typically consist of a pair of insulated pants and a long-sleeved merino wool blend shirt.

No matter the climate, a good baselayer is essential for anyone that loves to spend time exploring.baselayer We want you to be able to comfortably reach the summit of your favourite mountain and explore the natural wonders that surround you. So don’t let the elements get you down – be prepared and stay warm with our collection of merino wool baselayers.