What Are Outdoor Enthusiasts?

Outdoor enthusiasts are individuals who love to spend time in nature and participate in hobbies that they can’t do indoors. They may be runners, hikers or even people who enjoy a good game of golf. Regardless of their passion, this group shares a common trait: they’re dedicated to the outdoors and have a strong sense of community with other enthusiasts.

Outdoor activities are a way for them to connect with family and friends; 70% of outdoor enthusiasts reported that sharing their experiences is a major motivator for participating in these activities. They also see them as a chance to escape from the everyday grind and to feel free and uncontained. However, these adventures aren’t without their challenges. For example, a sudden weather change or unforeseen life ‘happenings’ can throw off their original plans. But, they take it all in stride and focus on enjoying their outdoor experience.

They prioritize healthy eating and sleeping in order to be able to perform at their best. They know that it takes a lot of energy to accomplish their goals and they need to be well rested in order to do so. Additionally, they understand the importance of taking time to rest and relax; they believe that doing so is vital for their mental health. They often practice these rituals while on vacation, as they believe that these trips are an opportunity to get away from the distractions of home and work.

Having a strong sense of loyalty to brands they trust, outdoor enthusiasts often forge long-lasting relationships with them. They are quick to share their stories of brand interactions and repurchase products from companies that have shown them that they care about their customers’ experience.

These individuals are highly mobile and rely on their smartphones to stay connected with their communities of like-minded enthusiasts. In addition to posting to their social media, they also use apps and e-commerce solutions to buy equipment for their next adventure. As a result, it’s important for marketers to develop mobile-friendly websites and online content that are easy to navigate, as they are more likely to convert on these platforms than desktop versions.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many outdoor enthusiasts are rethinking their recreational habits in order to accommodate these limitations. Future research needs to assess how these shifts in behavior can be facilitated and what implications these changes may have on their overall wellbeing. Additionally, additional inquiry is needed to better understand how various aspects of the environment (e.g., regulations, social norms, intrinsic motivations) influence this subculture’s recreation behaviors during and after the pandemic. Lastly, more investigation is needed to assess how the effects of these changes in recreation behavior can be mitigated to ensure that outdoor enthusiasts are able to return to their normal recreational activities at a later date.