Curlyfleece For Your Labradoodle

Curlyfleece is a soft and cuddly, white, wool-like fleece fabric with a pleasantly curly texture.curlyfleece It's great for creating snuggle worthy pillows, blankets, plush toys and accents for home decor. It also makes beautiful and functional baby blankets. It's easy to care for and machine washable in cold water and gentle or no-detergent. Available in 1-yard increments.

Allergy Friendly

The Fleece coat has a soft textured feel, similar to the angora goat, and hangs down in "tendrils" that flow and ripple as your dog moves.curlyfleece This is considered the "ideal" labradoodle coat and is the favored choice of most breeders. Fleece coats are allergy friendly and non-shedding, though they may shed slightly less than a dog with the Wool coat.

The Wool coat has a denser, heavier feel to it that's more like sheep's wool.curlyfleece It grows in tighter spirals and has a definite "poodle" appearance to it. It's a wavy to curly, non-shedding coat that is very allergy friendly.

Hair Coat

The hair coat is a flat, wiry texture that sheds and is not allergy friendly.curlyfleece It grows in straight or wavy locks that have an almost slick appearance. This coat is very high maintenance and requires frequent trimming to avoid matting.


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