The Best City Jackets

A city jacket is a light waterproof that you wear on cold rides in the city. It protects you from rain and wind while keeping your upper body warm in the form of a fleece or wool hoodie.

The best city jackets combine a sleek fit with high-tech fabrics, excellent armour, and effective venting. They are designed as commuting and utility jackets, but you could also use them for other outdoor activities like walking the dog or hiking. Some have reflective panels for visibility on your bike or a stroll through town. Others have a removable hood to keep the sun off your head and face in summer.

Some of the top-rated city jackets include the BTwin Men's City Cycling Rain Jacket. Its weatherproofing and breathability scores are middling, but it's a good choice for shorter distance commuting and utility riding in street clothes or when you want to blend in off the bike.

If you're willing to spend a bit more on your city jacket, the Arc'teryx Beta LT is a superb option. It's a Gore-Tex shell with a next-level design. Two-way armpit zips for releasing heat, adjustable cinches at the wrists and bottom hem for dialing in a perfect fit, and an easy to operate, fully adjustable hood make this a truly premium piece of gear.

Another top-rated choice is the Spada Joe. It's not as breathable as some of the other city jackets, but it offers good armour and effective venting for a very reasonable price. It's a great choice for commuting or utility riding, and its waterproofing is adequate for longer trail adventures too.

A third top-rated city jacket is the RD LaPorte City Insulated Jacket. This jacket is designed as a city and commuting jacket with an emphasis on comfort, particularly around the waist. Its insulated core provides warmth without the weight and is designed to fit comfortably over a jersey and pair with your favourite shorts. The front pockets are reinforced and the jacket is finished with a Swiss-made anti-tear zip and a double black-lacquered RD logo puller.

Some of the best city jackets have reflective panels on the back, sides and sleeves to help you stand out in low-light conditions. Other jackets have a removable hood, a convenient chest pocket and a large kangaroo pouch to store snacks and tools. If you plan to use your city jacket for hiking or running as well, you might prefer one that has a hood that is easily adjustable and fits with a hat. Some jackets have a drawstring at the cuffs to cinch them up snugly against the elements. A few of the city jackets also have a zipper-close pocket on the left sleeve that's a nice touch for quick access to important items.


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