The Best Parka Jackets for Travel and Expeditions

The parka is a classic cold-weather jacket.parkajacket It typically features a down fill and a fur-lined hood.parkajacket However, it can also be made of a waterproof synthetic material or a lighter insulated shell. It's an excellent option for cold weather travel and expeditions.

The best parkas are extremely warm, durable and water-resistant.parkajacket They can also compress down very small.parkajacket This allows them to fit into your backpack or luggage along with other essentials like sleeping bags, food and climbing gear. This feature is important because it will save space and weight in your pack, and it also helps to keep you warm on your trip.

A good parka will be able to resist most winter conditions and activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.parkajacket It should have a durable zipper and high-quality materials that will withstand repeated use.parkajacket It should have an adjustable hood, as well as a removable bib and snow skirt. It should also have plenty of pockets, as this will allow you to carry extra gear and layers.

When choosing a parka, it's important to consider the climate where you will be wearing it.parkajacket If you live in a warm region, a jacket with a heavy coat of down may be overkill.parkajacket On the other hand, a parka with a thin shell and less insulation might be too light for your needs.

Many of the parkas in our test results have a good amount of insulation, which makes them very warm.parkajacket The Fordham, for example, is a great option if you want to fight back against the cold with a jacket that's affordable.parkajacket It has a 700-fill down and a densely woven recycled polyester shell, which is very protective against winter elements. The one caveat is that it doesn't block head-on winds very well, which can make you feel very cold and exposed when you're outdoors.

In addition to the warmth factor, it's also a good idea to check the fill power of a jacket before you buy it.parkajacket Fill power is a measure of the density and loft of the insulation, which affects its ability to trap air and keep you toasty. For instance, a Patagonia Fitz Roy Down Parka has 5.6 ounces of 800-fill down, while the Feathered Friends Khumbu has 13.3 ounces of 900-fill down.

Real or faux fur around the hood of a parka is an attractive feature, but it can also be controversial.parkajacket It's worth checking the ethics of a company before you purchase a jacket with real fur. Some of the options in this article, such as the Fjallraven Nuuk Parka, have hoods lined with real fur that can cut through icy storm winds. The OR Coze and the Rab Deep Cover have insulated hoods that extend out around your face, but they don't have the wind-cutting abilities of a real fur ruff.

The Canada Goose Expedition Parka Heritage is our top-rated men's parka because of its amazing cold-protection capabilities.parkajacket It has 625-fill down and an Arctic Tech outer shell, which keeps you very warm even in the harshest winter weather. The hood is lined with real coyote fur, which also cuts through cold and biting winds, but this can be controversial because of the ethical concerns surrounding animal welfare.


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