The Importance of a Baselayer

A baselayer is the layer closest to your skin and it’s essential for keeping you warm and dry during cold weather and outdoor activities.baselayer baselayer It needs to be breathable and moisture-managing, wicking sweat and providing insulation without trapping it.

A good base layer should feel like a second skin, so choose one that feels soft and comfortable against your skin.baselayer It should also be stretchy to accommodate your body’s movement. The fit of a base layer is important – it should be tight enough to act as an insulating layer, but not so tight that it restricts your movement or causes chafing.

Base layers come in a range of fabrics, with natural fibers (like merino wool) and synthetics being the most popular choices.baselayer You can also find base layers in varying thicknesses to suit different activities and climates. A lightweight, airy base layer is a good choice for warm weather and mild conditions, while a mid or heavy weight option is suitable for colder temperatures and higher exertion.

The most common type of base layer is made from synthetic fabric, typically polyester or nylon.baselayer These materials are quick-drying and offer good wicking and breathability without being too bulky. They are great options if you’re looking for an affordable, durable and functional option.

If you’re planning on spending prolonged periods of time outdoors in harsh conditions or high intensity sports, you may want to look for a more premium fabric that offers enhanced performance properties.baselayer These are often a blend of synthetic and natural fibres, such as merino wool and silk. They provide a good mix of the benefits of both synthetic and natural fibres, including breathability, durability, odor resistance and elasticity.

Many of the premium, high-performance base layers we stock feature Polygiene’s industry-leading antibacterial odor control technology.baselayer The active silver-based technology kills bacteria that cause odors and keeps your clothing fresher for longer. We work closely with outdoor and sportswear manufacturers to ensure their products are powered by Polygiene, so you can be sure that the base layers you purchase will be odor-free for the duration of your next adventure.

While a baselayer isn’t a magic bullet for all outdoor adventures, it’s an incredibly useful and versatile piece of equipment for anyone who loves to spend extended periods of time outdoors.baselayer It’s especially important for people who engage in active sport, where maintaining core temperature and managing sweat is critical for optimal performance. Effectively thermo-regulating helps athletes to achieve their goals and push themselves further than they could have done in unfavorable conditions. To learn more about how a high-quality base layer can help you get the most out of your next outdoor adventure, head over to our blog article. We cover all of the basics, from how a baselayer works to tips on choosing the right one for your needs.


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