Top 5 Brands of High-Quality Outerwear

As anyone who has donned a thick puffer coat on a powder day or rugged barn jacket for a night of hayrides knows, high-quality outerwear is essential to surviving the elements.high-quality outerwear Whether you’re an athlete, hiker, camper or city slicker, there’s a brand of jacket for every activity. But what’s most important is the fabric used, how it’s crafted, and its durability under a wide range of conditions.

While the thread on your sewing machine at home may be cotton-covered polyester, in a #50 weight, most quality outerwear is sewn using a much higher #40 weight, ensuring that your coat or vest will hold up to the abrasion and UV rays of outdoor life.high-quality outerwear Similarly, most high-quality winter jackets are designed to be breathable, with a wind and water resistance rating that can stand up to snow and freezing rain.

Arc’teryx, a Canadian company that produces a range of technical mountain gear, is one of the most revered brands in the industry when it comes to high-quality outerwear.high-quality outerwear From hardshell jackets, like the Beta AR and Alpha SV, to baselayers, climbing and ski equipment and more, the brand’s gear is used by guides and lifties all over the world and can handle the harshest environments.

Lululemon, which is best known for its super soft fabrics and streamlined fits, has also built a solid collection of outdoor clothing, including their popular insulated jackets. Featuring the same weather-resistant RepelShell technology that has made their activewear so popular, these jackets can stand up to everything from cold temperatures to heavy snow and winds.

With a design that balances heritage and modernity, Canada Goose has become a mainstay in the luxury outerwear space. The sleek and sophisticated jackets are designed for bracing the coldest and harshest outdoor conditions, and have become a staple in street style snaps from fashion weeks all over the world. The brand has even collaborated with labels like Vetements and Y-3 to create the next generation of luxe sportswear.

Moose Knuckles is another premium outerwear brand that’s been a favourite for celebrities, musicians and athletes alike. Founded in 2009, the brand combines luxury fashion with practicality to create a range of jackets that are rated to the most extreme weather conditions. Each Moose Knuckles jacket is rated to -40 degrees, with some having as many as four levels of warmth.

In the past, J.Crew was best known as a preppy mail order catalog, but under its new menswear designer Brendon Babenzien, the brand has been pulling from the archives to produce classic coats that are both functional and stylish. The brand’s Sussex Quilted jacket, for example, can be flipped inside out for a warm shearling option that can handle both brisk temperatures and blizzards.


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