Waterproof Puffer Jackets For Men

Whether you’re an experienced winter hiker or just starting to explore the outdoors, a waterproof puffer jacket is a smart investment. Puffer jackets are lightweight and versatile, offering warmth and protection from rain, snow, wind, and sleet. They can be worn alone or as a midlayer under a waterproof shell, and they come in a wide variety of silhouettes, insulation weights, body lengths, and fabrications.

What makes a puffer jacket waterproof?

The waterproof property of a puffer jacket is determined by its exterior fabric, insulation type, and water-repellent treatments. “Puffer jackets can be made waterproof by incorporating either natural or synthetic insulation materials,” says Hopkins. “Synthetic insulation options like polyester or nylon are naturally moisture wicking and won’t absorb light precipitation, while down insulation offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio, but it does lose its loft and insulating properties when wet.”

Waterproof jackets utilize durable fabrics that are woven tightly and treated with a waterproofing spray. The waterproof coating prevents water from penetrating the outer layer, which keeps you warm and dry. It also helps the outer fabric last longer by reducing wear and tear, which allows for extended use.

Other important features that are incorporated into waterproof puffer jackets include wind resistance and a main zip with storm flaps to add redundancy against leakage. Durability is key because puffer jackets are used frequently and often in rugged outdoor conditions. A waterproof coating on the exterior of a puffer jacket also prevents the jacket from becoming waterlogged, which can lead to mildew, mold, and unpleasant odors.

A waterproof puffer jacket also has a high-quality main zipper that’s designed to stand up to the elements. The water-tight zipper keeps you warm and dry while providing a failsafe in case the jacket does get wet, and it also prevents the jacket from becoming heavy due to the accumulation of moisture.

RAINS offers a variety of long and short waterproof puffer jackets for men that feature Thinsulate featherless insulation and minimalistic designs that speak to current fashion trends. These short and long waterproof puffer jackets for men are also water-resistant and designed to last a long time, making them a solid investment.

The water-resistant properties of a puffer jacket are essential because they allow the insulation to maintain its loft and insulating properties even in wet weather conditions. This is what makes a waterproof puffer jacket different from regular puffer jackets, which can become saturated with moisture and lose their ability to retain heat. This can make them feel heavy and bulky, and it can also reduce their insulating effectiveness. Water-resistant puffer jackets like those in the RAINS collection prevent this from happening by preventing moisture from penetrating the outer layer of the jacket, which keeps the insulation clean and dry and ensures that you will stay warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions.


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