What Makes Outdoor Enthusiasts So Enthusiastic?

Outdoor enthusiasts are people who enjoy activities such as hiking, kayaking and cycling.outdoor enthusiasts They regularly spend time outside and often take part in hobbies that aren’t possible indoors, such as photography and writing. They’re also interested in trying new outdoor adventures and sharing their experiences with others. They often live on a tight budget and don’t have much time off work, but they find ways to enjoy the outdoors.

In 2022, Winnebago Industries conducted a survey of outdoor enthusiasts to better understand what motivates them to head outdoors. The top three themes that emerged were growth, connection and freedom. These individuals feel a need to challenge themselves, which leads them to seek out new experiences that may be out of their comfort zone.

They want to experience the outdoors as often as possible, and they’re willing to make sacrifices in order to do so. This may mean sacrificing their social media presence or going without internet for an extended period of time while on an outdoor adventure. They’re also willing to sacrifice their privacy in order to pursue the outdoors, so they don’t share too many details of their adventures on social media.

Getting outdoors also gives them the opportunity to connect with family and friends. In fact, 70% of outdoor enthusiasts stated that sharing their experiences with others was a primary motivator for participating in outdoor activities. These activities also offer them the ability to escape their everyday lives and feel free and uncontained. The great outdoors offers a number of ways to do this, from state and national parks to “right to roam” areas in rural locations.

Being an outdoor enthusiast also helps them stay healthy by regulating their circadian rhythm and giving them a good night’s sleep. By exposing themselves to natural light at the beginning of each day, they’re able to reset their body clock and ensure that melatonin is released at the right times. This helps them feel more energized throughout the day and improves their overall well-being.

Living the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle also comes with a desire to protect nature. This group often supports organizations that advocate for water conservation and sustainable practices. They may even volunteer their own time to help with the effort. For example, they might participate in river cleanups or other projects throughout the year to ensure that clean water is available for generations to come.

The best way to reach these individuals is through content that inspires and educates them about the benefits of the outdoors. Provide these individuals with relevant, valuable information about the outdoor space and you’ll likely see an increase in your brand’s exposure and engagement.

Outdoor enthusiasts are mobile and they rely on mobile technology to access essential information about their next adventure. Use this data to create a user-friendly website and app that allows them to quickly access the content they need, as well as e-commerce solutions to enable them to purchase necessary gear without having to leave their phones.


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